Considering WebPinata for employment?

We're currently looking for specific individuals who have diverse skill sets

Mid-Senior Laravel Developer

You've worked with PHP for quite awhile, you've got more than the average amount of skills. Perhaps you've considered the management route and thought it wasn't for you and deicded to bask in the warm of the computer screen crafting more solutions.

If this perhaps sounds like you, and you are interested in competitive wages, working remote (inclusive to the United States), enjoy a 401k, unlimited time off, & the flexibility to complete your hours on your schedule this might be the roll for you.

Junior-Mid Web Developer

Our team while small has room for growth internally, we're looking for someone coming out of a bootcamp/recent college graduate and teaching them the ropes. The intended technologies to learn once you're onboarded are PHP, Laravel, MySql, Vanilla JS, VueJS, & Nuxt. These will be the bread and butter in all of the projects that we work on here at WebPinata.

Mid UX-UI Designer/Frontend Developer

If you've got an eye for design and can tell the difference between material design, bootstrap, tailwind, ant, & other design packages then you might have a spot here.

If you've also been working on Vue, React, Angular or any other modern frontend framework for more than 6 months we're considerably interested in what you can bring to the table for us. Due to the nature of our business, we work with a lot of small/medium sized companies quiet frequently which means quite a few front-ends needing to be designed & built from scratch. What this really means is that we're capable of bringing someone in, using what they know from their base level experience and then molding them into a senior roll within a few years.

If you think you've got what it takes, send your resume over to